Lympstone Wood Crafts
Rob Longhurst
So this is where I give you a list of prices - or do I?  The problem is that much of my work is bespoke and done to order so a standard price list is
a little difficult.  Also as wood gets wider and thicker the cost to me goes up disproportionately so there can be a big difference between a 12”
x 3” bowl and a 14” x 4” bowl.  Let me show you some of my work so you can get a flavour.
This is my stall (left) - a large selection of wooden gifts.
To the left is a cheese board with a glass insert.  Limited production as I bring the glass
insert back with me from Portugal.  Above left is ASH and above right is OAK - note the
Solitaire boards - all sizes all woods and all colours of marbles.  
Priced from £15 (12") to £75 depending on size, wood and marbles.  
Travelling boards are just over 4" and £17.50.
Bowls, this one was about 15” across
and 4” deep made from a poplar burr.  
Oiled and then waxed it was intended
for fruit, salad or just display.  Below is
a bowl in birch ply - this gives
distinctive rings and the final top rim
can be finished in a colour or just
natural or even a different wood.   
Clocks and Barometers
To the left mounted on a natural
edged board (Yew as shown) or
any turned wood (Mahogany is
favourite). The mechanisms are
German and very good quality -
but getting very expensive.