Lympstone Wood Crafts
Rob Longhurst
Hors D'oeuvres Dish - so not a cheese board
but it fits in well here.  Now no longer available
in the colours - only plain white!  Still a nice
contemporary design.
Cheese Boards - Ahh! Maybe my forte.
Around 18" across with a 10" marble tile mounted on a lazy susan - these are truly unique and a
GREAT present from only £85 + P&P.
They come in a variety of woods. Want bigger or smaller? No problem - I also do 8" and 12" tile
The 12" version goes up to an overall diameter of 20 to 24 inches - certainly a table
filler.  My ability to do the really big boards depends on being able to get suitable wood
so I do need some notice.  Below is a variation with a ceramic tile in place of the marble.
The rim can be flat like the one shown
right with a dome.  I get the ceramic
inserts in Portugal - they are hand
made - so I cannot guarantee similar
designs each time.  P&P for the
boards is about £
This one, above, is a one off with a
ceramic tile I bought in Portugal - a
bit special with the cheese.  
Left are a few other pictures of recent boards the first a
board in use (sent by a customer) the second a flat board
made from pippy oak, a special order, and finally a standard
board in Ash but also a reverse view!!