Lympstone Wood Crafts
Rob Longhurst
A couple of big platters.  These were
produced for a recent, local, art
exhibition.  The Pippy Oak Platter shown
on the left was 20" diameter.  The wood
came from a local wood yard and had
been felled some 13 years ago.  This was
the third in a series of 5.  Two went to
the USA, one to Surrey and one remains
in Devon - I regret I do not know where
the 5th went! "Pippy" refers to the black
marks in the wood.  These are where the
tree attempts to create new branches
and fails, leaving the flaws in the wood.
Suitable for display or practical use
This larger platter to the left (24"
diameter) is very impressive.  
Platters - all sizes all woods.  This is
birch ply with real Japanese Maple
leaves on the rim.  They can be as
ornamental or functional as you wish.  
Plain, painted or decorated rims.  
Right - In the 1970s Dutch Elm disease
devastated our Elm woodlands - such
lovely and versatile wood.  So this piece
was a great find hidden away at the back
of John Bradford's wood yard.  I was really
proud of this piece - maybe my best to
date.  But yours may be next?
These are some of my more recent large
platters - this one in Ash, lovely grain, and
finally one in spalted beech - note the
black lines caused by fungus infection in
the tree.
To the left is a birch ply platter with a
gold and black crackle effect to the rim.  
I think it is a love it or hate it piece!
Right and Left - not really platters - more bowls - made from
Monkey Puzzle.  The one to the right I sold this at Taunton
Flower Show in 2010.  Note the button in the centre - this is
because the very centre of the tree is a soft pith so it is either
a button or a hole!  To the left is another Monkey Puzzle - this
was turned conventionally and the wood had been planked
first - a mighty tree - must have been over 5ft diameter - from
the big stand at Bicton Gardens (half way up the drive on the
left0 - I have more of this wood so I can "repeat" this one.
This is 2ft diameter!  The wood came from John Bradford's
yard at Wiggaton - the source for most of my wood