Lympstone Wood Crafts
Rob Longhurst
Skeleton Clocks
Now these are a big seller and quite spectacular!
Skeleton Clocks - the movement seems to float in
space.  I produce them in a variety of woods, Ash, Oak,
Beech, Horse Chestnut, Sweet Chestnut - in fact any
wood that is available.  The rectangular one in the left
photograph, on the top shelf, is made from Oak and Ash
a lovely combination.  
On the next shelf down to the right note the striped
clock.  This is Ash and Brazilian Mahogany.  The
mahogany is a banned export (and import) now but this
was brought to the UK around 40 years ago and used as
a patio door!  Now replaced with uPVC this wood is in
its third life!  Note above right the small sapphire insert

To left and right more skeleton clocks in Oak - the most
popular of woods .