Lympstone Wood Crafts
Rob Longhurst
Skeleton Clocks
Now these are a big seller and quite spectacular!
Skeleton Clocks - the movement seems to float in
space.  I produce them in a variety of woods, Ash, Oak,
Beech, Horse Chestnut, Sweet Chestnut - in fact any
wood that is available.  The rectangular one in the left
photograph, on the top shelf, is made from Oak and Ash
a lovely combination.  
On the next shelf down to the right note the striped
clock.  This is Ash and Brazilian Mahogany.  The
mahogany is a banned export (and import) now but this
was brought to the UK around 40 years ago and used as
a patio door!  Now replaced with uPVC this wood is in
its third life!  Note above right the small sapphire insert
If down in Devon visit Cockington Court, Torquay and
the Ark Gallery - they have an extensive choice of my
skeleton clocks.  
To left and right more skeleton clocks in Oak - the most
popular of woods .